AFC: Jaguars vs Patriots Game Time, Preview, Prediction, TV Channel

Jaguars vs Patriots live stream online The 2018 AFC Championship Game will feature the New England Patriots and Jackson Jaguars . New England reaching the conference title game for an unprecedented seventh straight season in  Jacksonville and that stingy defense who last played in the AFC Championship 18 years ago. The Jaguars and the Patriots on Sunday initial thoughts on this game. The Patriots don’t want to see the Jaguars because they sacking Mariota eight times but Yannick and Gok waves goal something for Tom Brady. The success might be with the running backs out of the backfield. Derek Henry with a huge what like 66 yard touchdown reception. Kyle used Chuck had some success against the jaguars as well so running backs that can catch the ball. It’s weird because the Patriots have quite a few of those.

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Jaguars vs Patriots Game Schedule

AFC Conference Championship 2018
Team: Jaguars vs Patriots
Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018
Time: 3:05 PM ET
Where: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts
TV Network: CBS

Jaguars vs Patriots Game Preview

The Jaguars as impressive as ever and as much as going to credit Tom Brady. The goat coaching staff like the Jaguars have a good a chance at winning this game. They did going into this week and that a narrative will be Blake Bortles going against Tom Brady and the Jaguars soak young. They can’t handle the pressure and all of a sudden they’re in a situation. They never been cool tand Danny they’ve been here in this story all year. When you listen to these guys talk, I was watching to tell this myth after the game. you know we love him here on the show and he said, they say you got one more game before you get to the Super Bowl. The Florida Gulf Coast team to the Gators like this is the big dog and I’m trying to choose my words carefully. I would love to be like come on it’s Jacksonville.

The Patriots line up your all-pro receivers and your great quarterback. It’s almost like a nightmare match up in England. Because we have seen guys beaten with the same formula. We need to go down the history of a week to do. It Miller just syntax that’s how you do it with an old Peyton Manning and that’s how you do it right hit Brady. They can do both and call themselves Saxon villains. It’s actually Brandon would only be one way to beat the Patriots in a big game. Terrell Suggs has done it right.

Patriots vs Jaguars Game Predictions

Patriots 35, Jaguars 17

The Tom Coughlin angle part of that team and of course handed the Patriots to Super Bowl losses when the head coach of the Giants. So  any of that narrative does that have any effect on this game. There is actually a great piece of New York Times on Sunday talking about Coughlin. Fingerprints what he does nothing to take away from Doug Marrone. He sets the tone and says how we are going to dress around the building. What is going to happen. If we don’t practice the right way, he is very much involved and just to have that confidence knowing. That guy’s beaten Belichick twice and whether or not he’s calling the plays on the sidelines or not. He is very much a part of the organization and those young guys can feed off that saying why do we have a 70 something year old guide us around. This is why it’s weak weirdly and they might have more confidence. Even the Patriots this team out of all the four that are left has the most confidence. Because they just went in to Pittsburgh and went on the road and got themselves a huge win. They are feeling themselves and Tom Coughlin’s presence is the reason. that I don’t think that They are playing with house money. Tom Brady knows dick Lobos defenses and Hayes extremely confident going. Now imagine this young fastest team.

Tom Brady has ever faced a couple of DBS that get their hands on Brock’s. They are trying to get interceptions and a team that is aggressively seeking turnovers with a quarterback like Tom Brady similar to Big Ben. It’s not going to run a lot. Tom Brady’s going to sit inside that pocket. So that as a game plan and try to bring pressure all day. Viking safety Andrews and  yesterday’s win early with a head injury what’s his status a big game for them in a huge role. As they try to get that title in Philadelphia a huge game.  But a very real possibility that Sandia was not in the field next to Harrison Smith when they play on Sunday. He is now officially in the NFL’s concussion protocol this after a helmet. The helmet hit from Saints receiver Michael Thomas one that appeared at the time to actually knock Sindel out. How he progresses over the course of the week and every concussion is different. The way each player responds is different as well but we have often seen players enter the concussion protocol miss a week. Then come back for the next game if that were the case for the Vikings of course it would have to be the Superbowl but we will see how he is as you get later in the week in the Patriots coaching staff they’re busy preparing for another AFC title game.